"We Deliver The Edge You Want

For Healthier Living and Work Environments!"



“At Clean Pro Home & Office we deliver the edge you want for healthier living and work environments.”

Want The EDGE Advantage?

Our tools and application methods provide your home or office with the latest in technologies      (Okay here is the real techy stuff) 

We capture particulates which are carried into your environment every day.  Pollens, airborne mold spores, dust mites and animal dander are all irritants for millions of Americans suffering nasal allergies.   


Our cleaning technicians are trained utilizing advanced vacuum system technologies to capture and remove 99.9% of particulates in a sealed container, equipped with HEPA filtration to trap up to .03 microns (that’s the really small stuff). 


At Clean Pro we don’t just push the dirt around or blow it back into the air, we remove it from surfaces and contain it, getting it out of your home for good.

Once a home or office area has been properly cleaned and sanitized we apply a disinfectant treatment to all common touch points (door handles, appliance handles, switch plates, bathroom and kitchen areas). 


Most disinfectant treatments today come with warning labels due to the high toxicity levels or a residual film which can be left if not applied and removed properly. 


At Clean Pro Home & Office Services we apply an advanced disinfectant product which is the only EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered green disinfectant on the market, with an EPA toxicity rating of IV. That's the lowest granted by the EPA.

Cleaning hard surfaces properly is just as important. Our cleaning technicians utilize advanced microfiber wipes and towel technology which capture surface particulates often left behind on rag lint or paper product fibers. 

A green disinfectant strong enough to kill Staph & MRSA

  • Fastest viral, bacterial and fungal kill times (only 30 seconds)

  • Presents no harsh or corrosive chemicals

  • Safe for families, pets, workers

CLEAN PRO Home & Office Services LLC.

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