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Dogs have always proudly sat by our side to protect us, love us, play with us, and make for cute photos to fill Instagram and Facebook with. Cats have always proudly sat wherever they wanted and waited on us to feed them and honestly we love them for it. Pets are just a natural part of our everyday lives. They fill us with joy when we get home and see them jump excitedly or brush against our legs waiting for us to put food in their dish. They also protect us from any would-be intruders. Even though those would-be intruders tend to be mailmen and pizza delivery guys it’s the thought that counts. One thing they don’t do very well, however, is clean up after themselves.

Animals shed their fur all over the house. Some of them shed less than others luckily, but they do still shed. Some shed so much you wonder how they have any fur left. We’ve petted our fair share of golden retrievers and found enough fur on our hands to build a small dachshund. The problem with animal fur is that it is so light that it can come off a dog or cat while they are running and drift almost anywhere in the house. Even if you don’t want them on the furniture it doesn’t mean their fur won’t find it’s way up there. The other problem is with so much fur everywhere it is easy to miss some of it when you are cleaning. This allows for fur to accumulate over time and cause issues for people with allergies. Even if you keep the pet in a different room the fur is going to affect any guests that are allergic to animals.

You could clean it but do you really have time to give it a deep cleaning to find all of the discarded furs? You have to work hard to put a roof over the puppers head and we doubt you want to spend all of your free time cleaning. So why not let someone else do it for you? Clean Pro has years of experience cleaning different homes and offices, many who are pet owners, and we know how to search out animal fur and how to best get rid of it. We clean your home from top to bottom to make sure we don’t miss a spot. We will give your pets a nice clean area to work on covering in fur all over again. Don’t worry though, you can schedule us for regular visits to make sure it doesn’t pile up.

If you are ready to experience all of the joys of owning a pet without the endless job of having to constantly be cleaning up after them then call CleanPro today to schedule an in-depth home cleaning.

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