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Cleaning with Children

There is a spark of creativity in every child that can easily turn into happy memories and messy houses. Let’s face it, children are hard to keep up with. They are all over the place exploring, creating, destroying, playing, and pretending. All the while we are busy laughing, smiling, panicking, asking what they just put in their mouth, and enjoying five minutes of silence before it becomes six minutes of wondering why it’s so quiet. Somewhere in the middle of all this, we have to find time to clean up the glitter from their art project, the food that was flung across the kitchen and wipe up the milk that spilled while running to watch Paw Patrol. This is a good time to get some of that cleaning done, but what about the normal cleaning that every house needs? This becomes all the more difficult when you don’t have anyone to watch your child because of your significant other works during the day or maybe because you are on this adventure alone. Either way, it might be time to call in some reinforcements.

Sure, you could hire a babysitter to watch your child while you clean, or ask a family member to do it, but that still leaves you to do all the cleaning. You’ve spent most of your time running around taking care of your child, don’t you want to take a break from it? Instead of a babysitter, consider hiring a cleaning company. With a company like Clean Pro Home & Office, you get a cleaning that not only touches the surfaces, but goes beneath the cushions, under the magazines on the table, and into all the spots we might miss while cleaning ourselves. The best part, you don’t even have to be around while this is happening. Use the free time to take your child down to the park, or maybe go to the movies for the newest Pixar flick. You will come home to a nice, clean home waiting for you.

Of course, clean homes don’t last when you have children, or even when you don’t have children. Dust always finds a way back onto our shelves and dirt finds its way back on the floor. When you have children, they just tend to get messy a little faster. CleanPro Home & Office can come for one good cleaning, or you can ask them to come back on a regular basis. Not only does this give you a regularly cleaned home, but it also gives you free time to spend with your child without worrying about the home. You can leave it in good hands and just enjoy the time you have with your little one. They might be young now, but trust us when we say that before you know it they are going to be grown up, going out with friends, getting their first job, and you are going to remember these memories you are making with them. So let Clean Pro do the cleaning so you can handle the little ball of love and energy. Call us today to get an estimate and schedule your home’s first cleaning.

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