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5 Of The Worst Things To Spill

Carpet is both a blessing and a curse in your home. On one hand, it keeps you from stepping on freezing cold tile. It’s also a magnet for stains of all kinds. Stains are unsightly and can be permanent. Since you can’t replace one segment of carpet, it might mean replacing the entire floor. No one wants to shell out that kinda money. So we complied a list of 5 the worst things to spill on a carpet.

This list isn’t food, drinks, or supplies to avoid. Ones to leave in the kitchen or other tiled areas. Because no one stains a carpet on purpose. At least people who aren’t trying to sell you a vacuum. So let’s jump into this list.

Wax: Candles are always relaxing. Candle wax though is either exciting or terrifying depending on where it lands. When wax gets on the carpet, it can harden. This locks it into the carpet. While not all hope it lost, it’s going to be a battle to get it removed.

Tomato Sauce: It makes pasta taste amazing and carpets look like murder scenes. The natural red dye in a tomato stains the carpet’s fibers. Without quick action, you’re going to have an stain there for quite a while. Make sure you pat the stain, never rub it.

Ink: The whole purpose of ink is to stain things. It’s intended to stain paper, but ink isn’t picky. It will stain paper, skin, and especially carpet. Not only does it stain carpet, it does it instantly. Ink doesn’t take a long while to dry. That is why ink pens don’t bleed when you write.

Chocolate: Everyone loves chocolate except for carpets. The gooey delicious treat can be difficult to remove from carpets. Not only can it be difficult, it can damage carpet when removing it. It takes some deep cleaning to get it out completely. If it isn’t cleaned up immediately it will take professional rug cleaning.

Coffee: Good for mornings and bad for carpets. Coffee can stain many forms of fabrics. Rather they are plain white work shirts or presitain carpets, coffee doesn’t mix with them. So keep that morning coffee to the dinner table. Not to mention any lost coffee is a tragedy for coffee drinkers.

When it comes to spills, you want to avoid anything on carpets. Even water isn’t a great thing to spill. Though it is the easiest to clean up. Keeping food and to the kitchen and dining areas is a great way to protect your carpet. Another way to hire Daytona Beach Professional Home Cleaners. CleanPro Home & Office can help keep your home looking like new. So contact us today and schedule your first home cleaning.

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