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Getting Kids Into Cleaning

When it comes to making a mess, no one is better at it than a child. They have the sweetest smile and cleaning habits of a tornado. It’s not completely their fault. It’s their fault, but not completely. Children don’t register things the way adults too. They live in the moment. When that moment ends it’s onto the next moment. They don’t have time to look back at their mess.

You are a parent though. You have a long list of responsibilities already. You don’t need to add “clean up after a natural disaster” to the list. Now is a wonderful time to teach children some tidy habits. It will help a lot later in life.

So let’s look at ways to encourage children to join in the cleaning.

Make It A Game: Children love to play. So why not turn cleaning into a game? Set a timer and see who can pick up the most toys. Add your own spin on it.

Don’t Complain: Cleaning isn’t fun, making it easy to complain about. You can’t do it in front of children though. If they know you dislike it, why would they want to do it too?

Don’t Be Needy: Children are less likely to respond to “I need you too...”. Be confident and assertive. Children can sense your weakness, or is that dogs?

Break Down Big Jobs: Cleaning an entire room can be daunting. Picking up all the Barbie dolls is less so. Break down large cleaning jobs into small ones.

Children are a blessing, and these tips keep them that way. Making the home less stressful and more relaxing. You handle the kids, and we’ll handle the rest. We are the recommended residential and commercial cleaners in Daytona Beach. Contact us today to schedule your first cleaning. See what the Clean Pro Edge can do for you.

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