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Three Professional Tips for Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your home or office, there are famously dozens of options available to get the job done. From hiring a professional with tons of experience to handling the work yourself, the range of cleaning products, high and low-end, machinery, and techniques is vast.

You need to know where to start and how to use what you’ve got more effectively. Which is where we’re coming in today. Clean Pro proudly brings you our list of the three best tips for cleaning and managing your cleaning more effectively.

Start With Measuring

Measuring performance in any industry is a great first step toward increasing productivity. Taking measurable stock of your performance helps you identify areas where you may be underperforming.

Are you missing key services in cleaning areas where you may not have anticipated having to clean? Perhaps your bathroom needs deep disinfecting or maybe you’re dealing with mold that wasn’t there when you moved in. Whatever the reasons, measuring how much cleaning you’re actually doing successfully throughout the month helps you target training toward low-performance areas. Or bring in more janitorial staff to help tackle specialized work.

Invest in the Appropriate Tools

One of the first mistakes many businesses make when it comes to janitorial work is in thinking that certain tools “just aren’t what we need” when they clearly are. The amount of time you spend cleaning the lunchroom carpet by hand when you could be doing it with a deep cleaning vacuum is actually significant when you add it up. Similarly, the damage to your office environment from an uncleaned air conditioning filter could add up to much more than what simply buying a cleaning attachment would be worth.

So where do you start? The best path forward is often simply hiring a cleaning company with a history in business janitorial services so you know their work will be up to standard. If you choose to handle the job yourself, make sure you either rent or buy the tools you actually need instead of making due with something inappropriate. In the long run, you’ll be happier.

Train Up

Like it or not, cleaning isn’t ever as easy as “just cleaning”. To be able to do a professional job cleaning your office space, you need to be able to use cleaning chemicals, machinery, accessories and your time more effectively.

And the shortest route to improved efficiency is actively learning how to do the job you’re trying to do. This is why it’s crucial that you train to use your vacuums, brooms, cleaners, and accessories appropriately. Because it’s fully possible for someone to charge up and down a room with a high-end vacuum cleaner and make a bigger mess than when they started.

Or, as we’ve mentioned already, you could always just opt to hire a professional. And while we’re on that subject….

Clean Pro: Tips For Cleaning, and A Better Way To Clean

Home and office cleaning is a tough industry, but Clean Pro is here to bring new standards to your cleaning efforts. We deliver comprehensive services and products to disinfect primary areas, sanitizing hard surfaces, dusting, and vacuuming.

And we do it all at an affordable price you’re going to love. Looking for professional janitorial services from an industry leader with extensive experience and a huge array of high-end services (as well as tips for cleaning)? Get in touch with Clean Pro, today, and find out more about our extensive service portfolio.

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