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Stain Removal Tips: Get Clean, Easily

We've all been there. Chewing on a marinated BBQ rib, walking over a lego with a glass of red wine in your hand, or not securing the ends of your saucy pasta noodles. All of these scenarios end the same way: with a stain. This stain removal tips article will teach you how to get rid of stains the easy way.

With just about any stain the number one priority is to prevent the stain from "setting". This refers to the stain forming a chemical bond with the fabric. When the stain "sets" it is virtually impossible to remove it as the stain and fabric are now one. Let's get into what to do when your stain first sets.

Follow These Stain Removal Tips

1. Immediately Treat With Water

There are various solvents to apply to a stain the second it sets in. However, when there is nothing available, water is the best option for dissolving.

2. Avoiding Direct Heat

When there is a fresh stain you will want to prevent it from being exposed to any kind of heat. Heat will speed up the bonding process. If there are any movable sources of heat near the stained area, safely move it away from the stain. For applying solvents, try to only use room temperature or lukewarm temperatures.

3. Avoid Any Pressure

Do not press or put anything heavy on the stain. After applying a solvent to the stain, do not scrub the area or press down with any kind of high pressure. The ideal method to get rid of the stain is to lightly dab the affected area until the stain is no longer there. Dispose of whatever was used to clean the stain.

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