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Choosing A Professional Cleaning Service

Interested in finding a professional cleaning service, but not sure where to begin? Join us today as we bring you three great tips for finding someone reputable to help clean your home or office.

Doing Your Homework

As with any other service worth your time and money, your first port of call in choosing a cleaning service has to be some good, old fashioned research. Get on the Internet to see a complete list of local cleaning companies locally. Once you have a pool to choose from, you can start whittling down your options.

List the ones offering services that are closest to what you need. You may need a package that offers different services, and those may or may not be offered by the company. You'll want to call the companies that best match your needs and ask them what they can do. This way, you can make sure you've gotten as much as there is to get for your time and money.

Search for any information on their staff outsourcing, background checks, and their liability policies in cases of theft or breakage. Investigate their insurance and license, and call the cleaning service providers with any queries you may have. With this information in hand, the next step is making your booking.


In life, as in business, communication is the best way to guarantee everyone gets what they're looking for. Work hard at making yourself clear and getting across your expectations well in advance. What you might think "should be obvious" often isn't, and you'll save yourself a lot of time and frustration by making yourself clear right from the start. A well-informed and well-stocked team is a helpful team.

When you make your booking, make sure the company is well informed of your needs. If you have pets who may run away or certain allergies, make it known. Do this by stating your case, as plainly and simply as possible. Confirming, in this way, where the job will "go" puts everyone on the same page. As the project moves along, keep the team updated on changes to your needs. Inform your agents early, and plan for the extra time to save yourself further frustration.

Lastly, remember that your opinion matters. If you're not satisfied with the job done, call immediately. If something is broken or missing after they leave, get in touch. The only way to resolve this and make sure the agency understands, so they can take action right away.


People's homes are sacred to them. We only let people we trust into them, handling the tidying or cleaning while we trust them not to break or steal anything. This is, by and large, why many people are so intimidated by the idea of a cleaning service. Because, let's face it - you don't know these people.

As mentioned in our first point, you have to start with researching your best options for cleaning companies. Go with one with a good reputation, lots of positive reviews, and a "winning streak" in terms of projects.

Then, make sure to make yourself heard if you feel your privacy has been in any way violated. If you feel like you've been mistreated, contact your agency immediately. Breakages may happen on any job - it's the nature of an accident. Sometimes a door that shouldn't be opened can honestly be opened by mistake. Whatever the cause or reasoning, however, there are aspects of your privacy that have to be upheld and you'll need to communicate any breaks in these trust properly.

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