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Seven Great Office Cleaning Tips

Having an office space you can call your very own can be a wonderful experience. But it's got to be clean. Clean working environments create a good first impression to your customers and can be a form of motivation to your workers. This, in turn, improves how productive they are.

However, keeping an office in order can be a lot of hard work if you have no inkling of how to go about it. Especially if you’re working forty-plus hours every week.

Not to worry, though we’ve got you covered. Join us today for our expert office cleaning tips to help you keep your workspace squeaky clean.

Keep The Working Area Clean

If your office has a designated work-space, it makes sense to keep this space clean since this is where most of your work would be done. Using dust-repellent spray on your surfaces will help avoid dust settling on your furniture and equipment.

You should also be wary of messy desks. Avoid piling paperwork in every available space you find. A good way to do this is by filing each type of document in separate storage systems. These could be in the form of wall pockets, desk trays or, most commonly, filing cabinets.

Clean The Electronics

Electronic devices have higher tendencies to gather up dust. This is why dust around your office space becomes most visible around the devices and cables. Be sure to use a rag or soft duster to clean PCs, laptops, printers and so on. Telephones are especially prone to germs because they come in contact with quite a number of people. Ensure disinfectant is applied to your phones at regular intervals.

Disinfect Bathrooms

Keeping the bathrooms clean is an important practice to adopt in any office environment. This ensures a healthier working atmosphere for employees. Healthier employees, in turn, mean more productivity. Cleaning bathrooms might not be the easiest practice, so it is advisable to hire a professional office cleaning agency to save time and stress.

Dispose Trash Regularly

A useful and often-overlooked office cleaning tip is to place trash cans or bins in the densely populated parts of the office space. It is also important to make sure the trash is taken out every other day, as this prevents garbage pile-up.

Clean the Floors

Floors attract attention faster than you can imagine, so be sure to go over the floors with much care. If your floor is tiled, ensure that you vacuum and mop it regularly so that it can retain its shine. If you use a carpet, vacuum it regularly as well so that dust doesn’t accumulate on it.

Keep Cleaning Supplies

There should be a closet in your office for storing office cleaning supplies. The supplies you have should include glass cleaners, microfibre wipes and dusting sprays. Having these supplies available will make office cleaning hassle-free.

Be On The Lookout For Potential Danger

Always be wary of sharp objects, naked wires and other things that might be hazardous. Office cleaning should be as hazard-free as possible for whoever is carrying out the procedure.

Following these office cleaning tips will translate to a cleaner workplace and a more motivated and productive employee pool. This will also leave your clients with a good impression of the office.

Considering hiring a professional cleaning company to do the job for greater effectiveness? Visit Clean Pro Edge today for our full range of janitorial services, and make cleanliness a priority in your office. And, for a full rundown on all the cleaning supplies you'll need for your office, meanwhile, check out this great article today!

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