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Ten Important Places To Clean In Your Office

Your office or workspace is an important part of your daily machine. Whether you're the boss, a staffer, or you work from home, the truth is you're going to spend a lot of your waking life in you office space.

With so much time being spent here, you're going to need to keep up certain standards. Replacing the toilet roll after the last person uses it. Keeping your desks tidy. And, above all, keeping a clean workspace.

But what does it take to keep your office truly clean? Where should you be working, and how often, if you want to keep your place of work clean and hygienic? Join us today for our official rundown of ten of the most important place to clean in your office.

Behind Printers and Other Machines

In offices as in our homes, the first place every person has to check when it comes to cleaning is behind appliances, furniture and large electronics. That last point is a big one. Office-sized copiers often print hundreds of pages a day, and can leave tiny particles behind after each print. These accumulate around the office, and will need to be cleaned out from time to time.


Your heating and cooling set the atmosphere in your office. During peak winter or summer months, with these vents in constant use, dust and allergens adhere to the walls inside each system and build up. Remember to check these at least every other month, if not more regularly.

Ceiling Tiles

While we're dealing with things high up in your office, keep your eyes aloft and check out those ceiling tiles. Most acoustic tiles feature some sort of rough texture, by design, and this is infamous for collecting dust. For double efficacy, be sure to check out tiles near to vents, and look out for any dark staining.

Ceiling Fan Blades

Ceiling fan blades are a double-edged sword when it comes to air conditioning. On one hand, they're a great way to save on energy costs, cutting back on air conditioning. On the other hand, though, they tend to dissipate any dust particles in the air, and accumulate a lot of what they don't dissipate. Make sure to keep these clean.

Light Fixtures

Fluorescent light fixtures attract and kill bugs. It's a simple fact, and over time, these insect parts can pile up, along with the dust they bring. In addition to the dust these light bulbs and fixtures pile up naturally, the grime left over from these insects can become unsightly and more than a bit of a health hazard.

Picture Frames

Remember to run a cloth across the top of your picture frames and glass-fronted artwork as often as you can. These slick surfaces often become grimy with film from from greasy fingerprints and other contaminants. And, as always, they will need at least as much dusting as any table top or bookshelf.

Door Knobs and Switch Plates

The nature of any office space is that people are going to come and go throughout the day. Whether it's just a few of you or you have a revolving door of clients and staffers, the buildup of dirt and grime on your door knobs and light switches can be drastic. Make sure to clean these every week for best results.


Just like in your home, one of the quickest areas to get dirty in your office is usually the kitchen. And, because you cook the food you eat there, it's also one of the most important to keep clean. Check behind your microwave or refrigerator, in cupboards and drawers and on cutting or chopping surfaces.

Office Chairs

What's any classic office setting without a few good wheelie office chairs? Watch out, though, because the base and castors these ubiquitous office furniture items may become filthy from standard wear and tear, especially in debris-heavy seasons, like winter.

Office Plants

It doesn't matter if your plants are artificial or the real deal - you'll be amazed at how dust, grime, and cobwebs begin to amass and attach to your office plants. This is to say nothing of the dead leaves, potting soil spills, and other oversights that often come with these plants. Cleaning and caring for them is not only good for the plant - it's great for your office.

For more on keeping your home and office clean like a professional, check out the rest of our awesome blog content and get in touch with us today for expert janitorial services from a leading name in the industry.

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